Audio  Mastering

D R E A M S . B A N D - 4/27/2018
Live at The Ardmore Music Hall

Friends since high school, Tad Isch has lived his life as an aspiring drummer with a special love for the Allman Brothers. Through his passion and devotion to this music, he has earned his place as a member of the extended Allman Brothers family and toured with Butch Trucks in the final episodes of the Frieght Train Band. In the latest iteration of his passion, assembled here are other members of the extended Allman Brothers family playing what they love and captured brilliantly by the mixer at AMH. These videos represent my remastering of the live recordings.

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Mirror Sound Studios |
Seattle, WA

Studio design, acoustic studies and expansion proposal.
Several properties were considered for the location of Mirror Sound in and around the greater Seattle area. This space was an easy choice for its existing layout. As a result an organic design quickly emerged and is represented here. The simple layout and excellent site lines has made Mirror sound on of the premiere recording facilities in Seattle's thriving recording and music market. Because of the ease of workflow and communication it affords, Mirror Sound has become a great creative and collaborative space with excellent acoustics and character.
Seeing my executed designs and how it is perceived and used in all nuances by creative clientele is extremely rewarding.
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